The Quick Draw Game – Part 2 – Exploration and Exploitation

In Quick Draw you don’t actually have five seconds to draw the chosen subject, because you have to use part of the five seconds to decide how you’re going to draw it. The most important skill in the game is deciding how much of the five seconds you spend thinking about what you’re going to draw, and how much you spend actually drawing. Making this decision involves solving a problem known as the exploration/exploitation tradeoff. Continue reading

The Cauchy Spinner Game

Imagine you are working at the local fairground midway and you’ve been assigned to operate an unusual carnival game called the “Cauchy Spinner”. The game is a spin the wheel type game; you spin a wheel with an arrow on it, and you win the amount that the arrow points to. The unusual thing about this game is that instead of the amount you win being arranged around the perimeter of the wheel, the payouts are shown as a long row of signs on the ground that seem to lead off forever into the distance. When the wheel stops, the amount a player wins depends on the distance to the spot on the ground where the arrow is pointing. How much do you have to charge people for each spin to make sure that you will make money in the long term? Continue reading